Wedding Party

Bride - Kaela Clawson
  Kaela graduated high school in Plentywood, Montana and earned a Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education at the University of Montana. She now lives in Florida with Dan where her days are filled with cooking, baking, taking photographs, and volunteering at every charity she can manage to squeeze in. She enjoys being outdoors and loves to go fishing with Dan. She is always up for a new travel excursion. Country music is her favorite kind of tune, though she enjoys all types. The things about Dan that Kaela absolutely loves are his patience, sense of humor, independent mind, kind heart, his ability to calm her down before she gets wound up, and his way with children.

Groom - Dan Carpenter
Dan graduated high school in Helena, Montana and attended the University of Montana where he mastered Chemistry. He now lives in Florida with Kaela and is employed by the NFL where he plays for the Miami Dolphins. Any spare days in Dan's schedule you can find him on the water fishing, boating, or on the greens golfing. He loves almost any activity that takes him into the outdoors. Dan enjoys keeping up on most all current sports. He appreciates all music but enjoys country music most. When Dan was asked to use words that describe Kaela he listed; intelligent, respectful, honest, loving, caring, and beautiful.


Maid of Honor - Jennifer Olson 
Jennifer and Kaela attended K-12 together at Plentywood School. They have been friends since childhood.  Jennifer attended the Art Institute in Minneapolis, Minnesota where she earned a BS in Interior Design and Architectural Studies. She loves fashion, enjoying good music, traveling, socializing, gardening, and taking beautiful photographs.

Bridesmaid - Crystal Maus 
Crystal is Kaela's Sister. She and her husband Brock are both high schools graduates of Plentywood, and college graduates of NDSU Fargo. Crystal holds a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communications and Minored in Anthropology. They reside in West Fargo, ND, with their three boys Gavin, Nolan, and Brandt. She is always busy with the kids latest adventures, cooking/baking projects, sewing projects, or teaching sewing class. She recently ran her first partial        marathon in Fargo on May 21st.

Bridesmaid - Bridget Clawson
Bridget is Kaela's Sister. She also graduated high school from Plentywood. She has turned into a Cali gal, as she now lives in Sacramento, California. She holds a Bachelors Degree from NDSU Fargo in Criminal Justice and now works as a Business Manager in Sacramento. She will be attending Florida Coastal School of Law in Jacksonville, Florida in the fall. Bridget loves style and fashion.


Bridesmaid - Jenna Clawson
Jenna is Kaela's youngest sister and also a Plentywood High School Grad. She will be graduating in May from MSUM Moorhead with a Bachelors Degree in Anthropology. She plans on attending Graduate School in Florida. Jenna is laid back and enjoys socializing. She loves to travel anywhere she can learn about and experience different cultures. She recently returned from Ecuador where her trip included meeting the President.

Bridesmaid - Becky LaFromboise
Becky is Dan's sister. She and her husband Josh both graduated from high school in Helena, Montana. She then ventured to Missoula where she attended the University of Montana. It was there she studied to become a pharmacist. As a pharmacist she is very busy, but when she isn't at work she loves to spend time with her husband and two children Chloe and Colt. Becky is a very kind individual who is always willing to lend a helping hand in any community service or charity that needs help. She was kind enough to open her home to Kaela while she was student teaching in Helena and Dan was in Florida.

Best Man - Chris Hoang
Chris is Dan's long time childhood friend. They played soccer together growing up and have been inseparable ever since. Chris manages Jorgenson's in Helena. His visits to Florida are always enjoyed by both Dan and Kaela.  Chris kept Kaela company and would check up on her once in awhile while she lived in Helena during her student teaching. In that time, it didn't take long for Kaela to realize why Dan had Chris as a close friend. He has a good listening ear, patience, a great sense of humor, a very kind heart. Interesting enough, he is an Philadelphia Eagles fan.

Groomsmen - Kody Andrew
Kody is Dan's long time childhood friend. He lives in San Diego with his fiance Meagan. They will be married just one week after Dan and Kaela in California. Kody graduated from Cal State San Marcos with a Masters in Bio Technology. He is now the product manager at Imgenex Corp. Kody has a level head, works hard and is pretty laid back. Dan has many great memories hanging out at Kody's house in "the pit" back in high school.

Groomsmen - Scott Carpenter
Scott is Dan's younger brother. He graduated high school from Helena and just finished his first year at U of M Tech in Helena, Montana where he is seeking a Business Management degree. He enjoys fishing, camping, and working with his hands. He has even been involved in building on quite a few housing projects.


Groomsmen - Josh LaFromboise
Josh is Dan's Brother-In-Law. He is married to Becky and they have two children Chloe and Colt. Josh also graduated from high school in Helena. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at the University of Montana. He is the Executive Director of Helena Housing Authority and loves to rope in his spare time. Josh is extremely skilled at building houses. He just finished building his family's second home outside of Helena.


Groomsmen - Tom Clawson
Tom is Kaela's brother. He graduated highschool from Plentywood, and just finished up his 1st year at NDSU Fargo. His plans are to be a U.S. Border Patrol and join the Marine Corp Reserve while he finishes his degree in Criminal Justice. He enjoys lifting weights, martial arts, shooting, football, and socializing. 



Flower Girl - Chloe LaFromboise
Chloe is the daughter of Josh and Becky LaFromboise. She is a big sister to Colt LaFromboise. Chloe loves riding horse and loves princesses. Uncle Dan has a soft spot for Chloe and loves getting new picture texts of her. Kaela has had a special place in her heart for Chloe ever since she lived with her and her parents while completing student teaching in Helena.Chloe will be 3 1/2  years old at the wedding.

Ring Bearers - Gavin and Nolan Maus
Gavin and Nolan are the sons of Brock and Crystal Maus. They are twins and also big brothers to Brandt Maus. Gavin and his brother Nolan like to tease and play with Dan, put his hair in ponytails, and watch him on TV. They have a special place in Kaela's heart as they were the first ones to make her an Aunt. While Gavin has the absolute best smile and loves to laugh, Nolan likes to clown and make others laugh. Both boys like to help cook, build stuff, play with cars and Legos, go to school, and attend karate class. They will be 5 yrs old at the wedding.

Parents of the Bride - Keith and Laurel Clawson
Keith and Laurel Clawson live on their farm and ranch. New at an empty nest, they are now finding more time to travel, pick up extra curricular activities, and enjoy life.
Keith works for the State and enjoys raising Black Angus Cattle. He recently retired from coaching high school football. He serves on the local fair board and loves to joke around.
Laurel stays very busy with two small business. When she isn't busy working she is practicing martial arts or looking for something new to learn.  She organizes the local adult education classes, loves to ride horse, spend time outside, and shoot guns.

Parents of the Groom - Val and Diane Carpenter

Val and Diane Carpenter live in Helena Montana. They too are new to an empty nest, but find that having a few grandchildren close by is a lot of fun.
An all around sport lover, Val retired a few years ago from Blue Cross Blue Shield and now enjoys keeping up on all current sports news and games. He also enjoys a good day of fishing.Val is a long time Yankees Baseball fan.
Diane stays very busy as a pharmacy tech at Walmart. When she isn't working she loves to spend time with her grandchildren, travel, take photographs, and watch sports. She loves to camp, or do anything that takes her out into the sunshine.

Officiant - Ken Staninger
Shortly after Ken entered Dan and Kaela's lives as Dan's agent, they knew he would have a significant impact on their overall lives. Ken has always gone the extra mile to be sure that they are successful in the present and also the years to come. Always looking out for their well being, Ken has become a trusted friend whose guidance and good advice has helped them navigate unfamiliar journeys. Ken enjoys the outdoors, hunting, and fishing. He and his wife reside in the Missoula, MT area.